About BeatTracker

Welcome to BeatTracker, the ultimate hub for artists and record labels navigating the expansive world of music content data-tracking.

Currently supported sites:
Beatport.com, Apple Music (coming soon), Spotify (coming soon).

While Beatport is a thriving platform for discovering music, it primarily caters to, DJs, leaving artists and labels in a challenging position. They often find themselves sifting through countless pages and genres to locate and track their music's performance, placements, and features. The same is true for streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

BeatTracker was born out of this very need - to empower artists and labels with a centralized platform where they can easily access all the relevant information about their content's performance on Beatport and others.

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How It Works

Simply search for your artist, label name, or genre on BeatTracker. You'll be directed to a comprehensive profile page showing all the placements, features, and recognitions your content has received on Beatport.

Whether you've secured a spot in the top 10 charts, been featured in staff picks, or your latest track is part of the banner ads, you'll find all that information seamlessly organized on your BeatTracker profile.

Comprehensive Data Aggregation.
No more manual searches. Find all your content placements—from top 100 charts, staff picks, featured new releases to banner ads—all in one place.
Features Tracking.
Not every track or album gets featured on Beatport. We ensure you never miss out when your content gets spotlighted.
Genre-Specific Metrics.
Beatport provides top 100 lists for each genre. We simplify this by aggregating and presenting all genre-specific data in an easily navigable manner.
Your Essential Tracking Companion.
BeatTracker is designed to simplify and enhance the way artists and labels interact with platforms like Beatport. We aim to streamline your experience, reducing the time and effort you spend searching, so you can focus more on what you love: creating and sharing music. Trust BeatTracker to keep you informed about your content's performance. Welcome to a smarter way of tracking.